Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why start this blog?

This blog started was inspired by a comment from Will Price, who is a principal at Hummer Winbald Venture Partners. Will was probably the last VC I met before I left Bay Area to get back to my 2nd year at Wharton.
I was doing my usual thing, making a contact, getting advice as to what more I should do to position myself for a VC job and out came this nugget of wisdom.
"Write a Blog"
"About what?", I said.
"Something that you are good at related to Venture Capital", came the response.
Now I have an extensive semiconductor background, have been in operating roles in large, small, mid-size firms and have domain experience in Wireless/Software among other things. But so do many others. Why should someone come to my blog to read about my take on things "unless" my take was seriously unique?
Then came a flash. Why not write about this process that I am going through? I have spent days/months/almost an year in this industry, meeting people, cold-calling, warm-calling, mailing, doing what I can to figure out if:
a. This industry is a fit for me
b. If I am a fit for this industry

I have spent countless hours meeting VCs and Entrepreneurs of all shades and stripes. There is something in my experience that would be useful to other aspiring VCs and other professionals who might want to get an insight into this as a career.
And more importantly, what I learnt from my countless encounters.
So thats that. Thanks Will for the idea. By the way, he has an excellent blog going. Check it out.

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