Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ten Questions

Ten questions you should ask a Venture Capitalist mentor if you land an informational interview:

Always start by giving a brief background of yourselves so as to provide context to the discussion.

1. Can you give me a sense of how you got to where you are? What has been your career path till date?

2. Why did you choose to do Venture Capital over other available career paths?

3. Would you change something if you got to start over again?

4. Where do you see yourselves in the near future? In 10 years?

5. What is personal investment philosophy?

6. What sectors do you invest in? Why?

7. What is your favorite investment till date and why? (Expect to keep this information discreet)

8. What is your advice to an aspiring Venture Capitalist?

9. What more should I do to position myself for a VC position? (List what you have done till date)

10. Can I reach out to you if I need some advice in the future?

In my opinion, asking these questions is probably the most efficient utilization of the little time you will have with the VC professional in question.

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