Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is a Google Product Manager?

I have had a lot of people ping me in recent times to ask this question. What does it mean to be a Google Product Manager? What credentials are required? How does it compare to an APM or indeed to other functions?
I will try to put together an intelligent answer to this question based on my initial two months here at Google. (Yeah, it is almost two months! Can you believe it?) I will probably revisit my answer to this question in another 6 months or so.

What exactly is the role?
Product Management at Google is a complicated beast. Your ass is on the line if the product fails, yet there may not be any direct reports. You are the guy pulling together multiple functions - marketing, legal, PR, Sales, Engineering, Operations, Technical Account managers, User support, and many more, to run the product. The product is yours. The various functions used to run the product aren't. The principle tool that you have at your disposal is Influence.

At first, this may not sound too different from other product management roles in similar sized companies, but there are some key differences that I have noticed:

1. Product Management can be pretty hierarchical in many companies, it is not in Google

2. Like the other functions, Product Managers are not tied to a particular product or sector for the duration of their work in Google. They are free to rotate at reasonable intervals to completely different sectors

3. Most Google Product Managers are generalists (especially MBAs). They are recruited for their overall well-rounded skills and not necessarily for a particular sector focus. (There are however, some PMs who are recruited especially for their sector expertise)

What are the key skills that successful Product Managers at Google have?
In my perception, most PMs at Google have to be good at (in no particular order)
1. Managing immense complexity ( a direct result of the mixed structure here at Google)

2. Influencing people, a trait that needs credibility, communication skills, and a people-skills

3. Making decisions. One needs to be able to decide, take responsibility for those decisions and live with it

4. Something that is different from the rest. Have to have something special in terms of achievements in their background. This is especially true for the generalists who can't necessarily distinguish themselves on uber-sector-specific-experience. That special sauce could be starting one's own company at some point, MBA from a top B-school, or some such thing. Something which helps differentiate you from the rest in some way

5. Extremely good understanding of the Internet services landscape and opinions on everything form state of online video market to new mobile business models to future of search

6. A passionate self-starting personality helps. Self-starting especially because no one seems to tell you what to do out here, yet everything seems to be doing the things they need to do

Who is an APM then?
Short answer, an APM is usually an undergrad with a little bit of work experience. These guys tend to match the typical profile of that target segment of many of Google's user facing products. They tend to be pretty young, passionate, and incredibly talented folks. Kind of like Wharton undergrads relative to Wharton MBAs (If you went to Wharton, you would know the story here)

Oh come on, there has to be some glitches
I do not know if these are glitches but they are definitely things that one needs to know before deciding to work here at Google. These challenges ensure that certain personality types love it here, and others hate it:

1. You make your own job. I found my product, I am helping define my role, and beyond a minimum bar, have to decide how much I can take a bite off. If you like structure, you are going to be frustrated

2. If you like hierarchical companies, with organization definitions, Google will hurt you. It is hard to work just by influencing especially if you are used to a more hands-on approach to delegation of work

3. You hate good food :). (That's a little bit of humor, an ode to the obsession with food that Google inculcates in us Googlers)

I am sure I am missing something. And I am also sure that some of the traits I pointed out are not Google specific. Keep in mind, its only a couple of months. It will be fun to revisit this in a few months to see what I would like to change in this post. I will compare it to the other functions in Google (OSO, PSO, Biz-dev) etc at a later date. I am in the thick of an exciting new product out here, there are loads of challenges, the team is around the globe, the product has an exciting mix of legal, sales, technical challenges, and my life is awesome.


sara said...

Very informative post! In your two months there, have you seen many PMs with social science or humanities PhDs? I'm a sociology grad student who's thinking of making the leap from academia to the private sector. I'd love to know what you think about whether the Google corporate culture looks upon non-hard-science PhDs favorably, neutrally, or perhaps even with a negative bias. Any tips from the inside would be much appreciated!

Punit Soni's Adventures in VCland said...

Yes I have seen some PMs with humanities and social science backgrounds. I have seen more folks with your background in Marketing, Operations, Sales verticals. Google is full of all sorts of people. My team has engineers, journalists, English majors, Philosophy majors, PhDs and so on and so forth...

sara said...

Google has the reputation for drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds; I'm glad to see that it seems true from the inside as well. I look forward to reading more about your experiences within the great Google!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your piece. email me.

--- Marc

Taimur said...

Your comment about the Product Manager is the CEO of the product is very true. Being a PM your are responsible for everything even though you may not have complete control over everything. I found this article to be very helpful..


David said...

Hey Punit,

The PM role at Google sounds like a great experience. Could you possibly explain a bit in your next post about how Google integrates capabilities like marketing planning, patenting and legal protection etc. at the PM's disposal? I thought that'd be an interesting topic considering how it seems Google tries to avoid a rigid strucutre.

P.S. I e-mailed you about a month ago from my Wharton account about the University Venture Fund. Were you able to receive my e-mail?

Punit Soni's Adventures in VCland said...

Thats a good idea for a post. Shoot me another email David. I seem to have missed it.

David said...

I'll send it from my e-mail at davidcl@wharton(just to give you a headsup so you know it isn't spam)

Anonymous said...

bull. No kinks working at google?
Let me help your memory: Long hours 12+, type-A personalities, fake induced fun. Yeah, no problems otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So I have heard that Google will now only accept people for a PM role who have Computer Science backgrounds. Is true?

Barath said...

So after one year and those 2 months, two questions:

1)Have you been fired?
2)If not, are you still so pretentious?

Anyway i m really impressed to see the ease you had to describe such a broad job after only 2 months.
I m myself a product manager , it s been one year and half and I m still learning so many things.

La don said...

Great work.

Sesh said...

thanks for a great post. One question.

How does it work for a tech person (sr. programmer) to become a product manager at Google. Does an outside programmer stand a chance for this role?

Kiran said...

Pretty informative and useful....whats the most effective way to explore opportunities with google - posting via site / thru friends in google / recruiters ?

Gavin Barnard said...

Google EMEA is currently hiring Product Managers in Zurich, Munich, Moscow. We are also looking for APM's in Zurich and Israel.

Feel free to contact me for more information:


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David Nachum said...

My name is David Nachum. I am an Associate Product Manager (APM) at Google, in Mountain View, California.

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Just stumbled on this post, but it's very helpful! Thanks.

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