Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Product Launched

My first product launched today :)

Here are the details: Google Official Blog Post



Neal Mueller said...

wow punit. congratulations!

Eric said...

Wowzers. Congrats, Punit.

Michelle Ribeiro said...

Hey, Punit. Congratulations and good luck with the new product!

Greg said...

Congrats man... a full TechCrunch 50 rollout presentation as well! Cool stuff.

Punit Soni's Adventures in VCland said...

Thanks Neal, Eric, Michelle, and Greg!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you're product doesn't cause problems like Google News did to United Air..


Chinmay said...

Hey Punit,

Google's new offering (ur 1st product launch) sure appears amazing for it resonates with Google's Mission of making world's information Univ. accessible !

Ur posts are always fun to read (spc. the "The MBA Rhapsody" :)).
Keep the tempo on & Gd Luck for upcoming endeavors !!


Life Beyond Code said...

Congratulations Punit. I was at TechCrunch50 and saw Marissa Meyer unveiling the product. Super cool.


Punit Soni's Adventures in VCland said...

Anon, hopefully it doesnt :)
Chinmay, thanks for your kind words. This product is definitely one of those ones which have societal benefit as well as benefit to Google.

Rajesh, I was in India launching the product from here. It was nerve-wracking to get the product demoed remotely :)

Ed said...

This work is important and exciting. The wealth of information in the small town newspapers in this country, indeed, in every country will estound people. Digitizing and making searchable the billions of newspaper pages sitting on shelves rotting today means that information will never be lost. This opens up search methods that aren't credible today -- things like web crawlers for dates, obituaries, adverstisements, the Mississippi River, the categories are endless.

Congratulations on this work. I think it is possibly the most exciting thing going on. All of the resulting work will get geo-tagged and information will be readable and in many cases viewable. Furthermore, this work is embarassingly parallel. There are no dependencies between newspapers or digitization efforts.
All can proceed simultaneously at their own pace.

Ed Bradford
egbegb2 At GMAIL dot COM

阿杜.Steward said...

Congratulation !

Anonymous said...

So when are users going to get access to the hundreds of papers that used to be searchable in Paper of Record? Why are we (historians in general) having so much trouble getting a simple answer to that question. There are lots of us in Mexico as well who are really shocked at the disappearance of the Mexican papers? Is this the future of information monopoly?

Anonymous said...

I think maybe Google needs to start responding to questions about when newspapers accessible at Paper of Record are going to be equally accessible through Google. Stonewalling only makes people suspicious about a company's motives.

Kirthika said...

Hi Punit,

I am a UPenn Alum (as of today to be exact ;-)), a graduate of the Executive Masters in Technology Management'09.

I am a Snr Research Scientist (Telecommunications) currently but am exploring Product Management options for future career growth. I got to your blog when I did a Google search on "Product Management at Google".

I am interested in innovation and getting products to market.

Could I email/chat with you in this regard?


PS: Here is a intersting link on Product management from another blog: