Thursday, October 19, 2006

The search for the one

During my undergrad engineering days, I was in a batch of 60 students in Electronics Engineering. 54 of them were men and 6 were women. And my class has more women than most other engineering majors at school. Naturally, the supply-demand situation was skewed. It led to significantly low reservation prices for most men, and huge premiums on most women. All my life, I found myself in these situations. BSEE, MSEE, Silicon Valley companies, Wharton, the list goes on:)
So it is natural than I would want a job in Venture Capital. The supply-demand situation is as bad (well, not as bad as in engineering school but pretty bad) but my previous experiences have engendered the skill to survive in highly rationed markets. This continues to stand me in good stead. And will help when (if) I land up on Sand Hill Road because after all, where are the women Venture Capitalists?).
So beyond going to parties (networking), can we hit some online sites and look for VC jobs? What resources are out there to source those few and far between? I will try to list a few for mutual benefit. As usual, if I miss something, leave a comment, email your indignation or come talk to me.
Venture Capital Internship/Job Resources:
1. Doostang - All right, We in UVF passed over this deal an year ago because we were not sure the market needed another professional "Linkedin" clone. The long term viability of this site may be suspect but right now, it has some of the best venture capital jobs out there. Ask someone to invite you in and see for yourselves.
2. LinkedIn - Well, everyone knows what it does. There are some VC jobs posted here also. Though if someone posted out here and you just saw it, you probably already missed the boat. Still just generally from the professional network point of view, this is the best site out there.
3. Glocap - This is a PE/VC recruiting firm and it does a reasonably good job of ensuring its presence and profile in Bschool campuses. It has more PE (obviously) jobs than VC but that's the nature of the beast. They do have a nice job status tracking system. I tend to differentiate between later stage stuff and our typical, crazy early stage stuff by calling the former PE and latter VC. You can call it what you want, this is just nomenclature.
4. PERecruit - This is more EU focused. They come to campuses to interview folks and get a headsup on the applicant pool out there. Most jobs are Europe focused. They are rumored to starting a Mumbai office soon.
5. Pinnacle Group - It is another one of these executive recruiting sites. I like the fact that they are more proactive about creating personal relationships and actually exchange emails with prospectives before the jobs open up, so as to get to know them better. A good place to hit and establish a relationship with.
6. PEWire - PEWire has an annual internship lovefest. They will ask VC firms to send in job reqs for summer internship and then will post them out in a huge list on their newsletter. Keep an eye on this. Its easy to miss as it comes as a part of their daily newsletter, and it can have interesting opportunities.
7. Your Business school Venture Capital Club - Frankly, Wharton's VC club is barely there. We have a huge PE club which funnels the hordes into later stage shops but Venture Capital does not have much following (here or elsewhere). Too much risk appetite required. Having said that, things are improving by the year. Look up your VC club site. Most VCs will post through the management of that club.
8. Sharon Park Starbucks - The Sharon Park starbucks (right next to the safeway and behind Clearstone/Lightspeed and other VC firms) is the place to really sources those jobs. You basically sit there day in and out during your summer, and drink latte after latte. 50% of the guys in navy blue shirts and khakhis are VCs. Just lunge at them and grab their foot. Don't let them go till they offer you a gig at their office. Don't lunge at the ones wearing suits. Those are the entrepreneurs and bankers.
Ok, the last one is just me trying to be funny. Don't try it. But then, maybe you should. Who knows what may work.
It's late. Midterms are over. I am not recruiting courtesy my Venture Capital ambitions. A week of pure unadulterated VC networking:) Life is good. Good nite.


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