Saturday, October 28, 2006

What about getting that Startup experience?

One key asset to have to position oneself for Venture Capital is to have startup experience. Learning how to survive and operate in entrepreneurial settings makes for a much more credible VC. To this point, Ashish Chordia (my friend and a second year Wharton student) has written an interesting article on his search for a startup internship for the summer.
Much like me, Ashish spent the last few months before summer looking for that perfect summer internship in a startup. While nothing in life is perfect, he did manage to maximize his time doing something that he really loved and learnt a lot from.
His article should be a great read. Check it out.

Get It Started: How to snag a summer internship with a start-up

And that is NOT Ashish in the picture in that article.
Also, he will be a guest writer on this blog so look out for his experiences in Startup Land! He has an interesting blog going on his time at Wharton at:


Arjun Kakkar said...

Just started reading your blog. Find it extremely useful. Was great chatting with you today.

Cheers, arjun

Punit Soni's Adventures in VCland said...

Glad you enjoyed it. There is lot more coming. Stay tuned.

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